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The Game Deflators are a couple of gamers from Phoenix Arizona that are obsessed with video games. Check out their weekly episodes for video game news, discussions and retro reviews.

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December 9, 2019

Here on the Game Deflators Podcast we like like to talk about games! Below is a list of the game we have covered for the Inflation Deflation Game of the Week.


The rating system of the Game Deflators is determined by the going rate of the game played and a determination of whether or not it is worth picking up at its current market value. The ratings are not an indication of the fun factor, but merely a way to inform buyers before they purchase.

  • Games Scored as "Deflated" are undervalued and worth the pickup
  • Games Scored as "Inflated" are overvalued and not worth a pickup at their current price
  • Games Scored as "Just Right" are exactly where they need to be and should be considered



Game Title Console Episode Rating
Literally Lost Episode N/A Season 1 Ep1  
City Connection NES Season 1 Ep2  
Captain Skyhawk NES Season 1 Ep3  
Blues Brothers 2001 N64 Season 1 Ep4  
No Game Reviewed N/A Season 1 Ep5  
Voez Apple & Google Play Store Season 2 E1  
Rival Schools PlayStation 1 Season 2 E2  
Expendable Sega Dreamcast Season 2 E3  
Monster in my Pocket Nintendo Season 2 E4  
No Inflation Deflation Game of the Week N/A Season 2 E5  
Whomp Em Nintendo Season 2 E6  
Spin Jam PlayStation 1 Season 2 E7  
Skull Monkeys PlayStation 1 Season 2 E8  
Vampire Night PlayStation 2 Season 2 E9  
Miss Spider's Tea Party PlayStation 1 Episode 15  
Afrika PlayStation 3 Episode 17  
Futurama PlayStation 2 Episode 18  
Alien 3 Sega Genesis Episode 19  
Rocky and Bullwinkle Sega Genesis Episode 20  
Cookie and Cream PlayStation 2 Episode 21  
Ghostbusters II Nintendo Episode 22  
Dynamite Cop Sega Dreamcast Episode 23  
Fire n Ice Nintendo Lost Episode 1  
River City Ransom Nintendo Episode 24  
Marvel: War of the Gems Super Nintendo Episode 25  
Chuck Rock Super Nintendo Episode 26  
The Raiden Project PlayStation1 Episode 27  
Killing Time  Panasonic 3DO Episode 28  
New Tetris  Nintendo 64 Episode 29  
Tetris DX GameBoy Color Episode 29  
Tetris 2 Nintendo Episode 29  
Magical Tetris Nintendo 64 Episode 29  
Tengen Tetris Nintendo Episode 29  
F Zero X Nintendo 64 Episode 30  
Bayou Billy Nintendo Episode 31  
Simpsons Wrestling PlayStation 1 Episode 32  
Samba De Amigo Nintendo Wii Episode 33  
ToeJam & Earl Sega Genesis Episode 34  
Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge Super Nintendo Episode 35  
Spider-man and Venom in Maximum Carnage Sega Genesis Episode 36  
Ultimate Spider-man Nintendo GameCube Episode 37  
Separation Anxiety Super Nintendo Episode 38  
Spider-man   PlayStation 4 Episode 39  
PaRappa the Rapper PlayStation 1 Episode 40  
Mad Maestro PlayStation 2 Episode 41  
Star Wars Rogue Squadron Nintendo 64 Episode 42  
Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All-Stars Super Nintendo Episode 43  
TMNT Hyperston Heist Sega Genesis Episode 44  
Streets of Rage Sega Genesis Episode 44  
Cyborg Justice Sega Genesis Episode 44  
Loaded PlayStation 1 Episode 45  
Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie's Revenge PlayStation 2 Episode 46  
Cosmic Chasm Vectrex Arcade Episode 47  
Mine Storm Vectrex Arcade Episode 47  
Scramble Vectrex Arcade Episode 47  
Armor Attack Vectrex Arcade Episode 47  
Bleak Sword Apple Arcade Episode 47  
Explokittens Apple Arcade Episode 47  
Agent Intercept Apple Arcade Episode 47  
Dead End Job Apple Arcade Episode 47  
Dark Angel Vampire Apocalypse PlayStation 2 Episode 48  
Batman: Return of the Joker  Game Boy Episode 49  
Two Crude Dudes Sega Genesis/Switch Lost Episode 3  
Parasite Eve  PlayStation 1 Episode 50  
Fatal Frame 2  PlayStation 2  Episode 51   
Concrete Genie  PlayStation 4  Episode 52  Just Right
Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z  PlayStation 3  Episode 53  Just Right
Star Control  Sega Genesis  Episode 54  Inflated
Saturn Bomberman  Sega Saturn  Episode 55  Inflated
Empire Strikes Back  Game Boy  Episode 56   
Super Return of the Jedi Super Nintendo Episode 57 Deflated

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